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Eat, Travel with Sivjini 

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. I am Sivaranjini Balasubramanian; you can call me as Sivjini.  I am a budding blogger, who blogs all about food and travel. In this space, you will find authentic recipes from international cuisines, recipes for tasty food without the unhealthy junk, topic focusing on healthy eating, and brief description about the origin of popular food.  Travel stories about  beautiful destinations, historical remains, picturesque locations, and tales about wonders of the nature.

Who is Sivjini?

I am an Indian origin girl in her mid 20s who made England my home over a decade ago. Two things I enjoy the most are good food and great travel. I am working full time; and I am not lucky enough to travel full time. However, I did promise myself that every annual leave at work and almost every other weekend would be spent in exploring places. Now that I am married, I do have a travel buddy. Yes, I am fortunate to be married to another travel lover.

Sivjini and food !

My exploration into culinary world started during my  University days. Moving to the bustling city of London, I had to stay in self-catering University Halls (Hostel in Indian slang). Initially, it was basic recipes, mostly student meals etc. I would cook for myself, flatmates, for friends when they drop by, and when we have a dinner party. The appreciation I received from my friends, and the people who tasted my food had increased my interest in the art of cooking. It has paved way for various experimentation, learning new things, and exploring different methods.

I have a good palate for all kinds of food. From different parts of the world. Thanks to the multicultural lifestyle in my beloved city of London that paved way for my love towards world cuisine.

Sivjini and Travel 

Travel is something I have always enjoyed from childhood. During my school days, I have travelled with my family to various exotic places. Though those haven’t been documented in virtual space, the memories do have a special place in my heart. In 2009, when I moved to the lively city of London; window of travel opportunities were thrown at me. And I am glad that I used those chances to its fullest.

Now I have a full time job, family commitments, and errands to run to. But this world is a beautiful place, I have destinations to visit, cultures to explore, people to meet, good food to eat, and adventures to do. Hence, I strive my best to include travel into my busy life. Because travelling gives me a sense of serenity and peace. It fills my heart with content. Whenever I think about the places I have been to, it gives me a feeling of fulfilment.

I hope you enjoy my food and travel tales. Do drop by your feedback in the comment  section. Have fun 🙂